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The body is made up of cells and it contains different types of cells — each being more complex than that of a developed super computer. They conduct a process of removing thousands of antigens, each with molecular properties, from trillions of functioning cells. For these greatly essential cells to be rejuvenated, a process of detoxification must take place.

Detoxification is basically the process of ridding the body of toxic substances. Fortunately, the human body is biologically engineered to fight off unwanted and destructive organisms. In order for these cells to get rid of the toxins, they need the right amount of nutrients. This is where natural therapies for detoxification come in.

When toxins over accumulate in the cells, this would result to inadequate absorption of nutrients. The process of detoxification is important because it causes the cells to absorb more nutrients. These nutrients serve as the supplementary energy that makes the cells work more efficiently.

Green Detox

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Lately, detox programs are quite the trend but it does not eliminate the fact that it is a difficult process to undertake. Having to flush out those unwanted toxins embedded into the system can be quite exasperating but definitely worth everybody’s while. One of the most popular is the juice method best done with a juicer.

Juice detoxification has been a widely known solution for weight loss and other existing health problems. All natural juices speed up the process of detoxification and equip the body with significant amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals for quick absorption that benefits the immune system fervently. As fresh alkaline filled substances supplement the cells, they begin to release acids that eliminate unwanted toxins.

Juicing can be done with all sorts of natural fruits and vegetables. However, juicing green vegetables offer a more extensive effect on the body’s organs. It also aids in releasing toxins particularly those found in the liver. Green and leafy vegetables release chlorophyll into the liver to support the breakdown of toxins through neutralization and help the entire liver to function.

Green vegetables are filled with minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals that fight diseases. They are rich in fiber, an essential nutrient needed for weight loss, maintenance and helps in hunger control. It can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol, which help in tempering the blood sugar by the slow absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream after meals.

This then lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes and any cardiovascular diseases. These vegetables also contain a reasonable amount of water, which helps in the hydration and contributes greatly to glowing skin and silky hair.

They are also rich in calcium, which aids in keeping the teeth and bones strong – minimizing the risk of susceptibility to bone diseases. In addition to that, calcium contributes greatly to the muscle function and blood – pressure management. The greens are also rich in vitamin C, which reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

The intake of green juices is the perfect agent for helping the liver and providing maximum amounts of energy with minimum amount of effort. It’s high content of chlorophyll qualifies it an effective medicine through intensifying the oxygen flow. Remember, an increase in oxygen allows the liver to release toxins and stress from the body.

How is it done?

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Having a juicer is the only thing needed for green juice detoxification. All of the ingredients can be added to the juicer in one go. When detoxifying with a cold press juicer, the juice stays alive for 48-72 hours without compromising its living properties. This means large amounts of juice can be extracted and stored for drinking later.

Just like any other means of natural therapies, it’s efficacy depends on how committed one is to the program. This is more on the long-term effect and making it a lifestyle. Succumbing to the healthy lifestyle makes it all more successful. There is the decreased risk of any illness and the expanded term of a lifespan. The more consistent and diligent one is to the program, the more they will be able to get the benefits of the whole detoxification process.

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