Hottest Detox Slimming Tips This Summer

In most Western countries, the hot summer months are weeks away. People will soon be shedding their clothes in exchange for a good tan under the sun. Indeed, summer is the best season to show that perfect curves with colorful bikinis and swimsuits.

Nonetheless, today’s hectic schedule makes this feat close to impossible. Our modern life is filled with unhealthy activities that are harmful to our body. For the most serious sun-worshippers who want to enjoy their body this summer months, achieving that beach-perfect body with the help of natural therapies is possible.

Choose What You Eat

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Eating is an inevitable activity that we cannot escape. However, there are healthy options that can help our body excrete unwanted toxins from the food and drink we take. It also promotes natural detoxification against several pollutants like alcohol and cigarette smoke.

Well, how do you start? The most crucial thing is to refrain from drinking beverages containing alcohol and caffeine. According to medical experts, this process can render a person feeling weak. He or she might experience headaches. After you get accustomed to caffeine and alcohol-free drinks, start your meal with healthy foods that can promote proper digestion. These may include the following:


Blueberries, apples, pear, pineapples, strawberries, mangoes, and citrus fruits


Sweet potatoes, celery, onions, spinach, carrots, cabbage, broccoli,


Brazil nuts, cashews, raw almonds (unsalted), sunflower and pumpkin seeds


Brown rice

Protein-based foods:

Eggs, chicken, lamb, turkey and fish

Healthy beverages:

Tea (green, herbal), soy milk, filtered water


Sea salt, apple cider vinegar, organic honey

You Are What You Eat

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Because detoxing is a highly delicate process, there should be a conscious attention on eating. Even the foods that you think are harmless can contribute to added fats, unwanted calories and tons of harmful substance that can sabotage your summer bikini plan.

Here are some of the foods you need to think twice about eating:

Protein-based foods:

Pork and beef meat, preserved meats including hotdogs, frankfurters and bacons, shellfish


Butter, milk, cheese and yogurt


Rye, oats, and wheat

Fast foods:

Burgers, fries, pizzas and pastas


Manufactured fruit and powder juices, carbonated drinks, coffee, alcoholic drinks and black tea

Refined foods:

Biscuits, white rice and breads, pastries, cakes


Peanut butter, margarine, synthetically or artificially-produced sauces, flavor enhancers, and dressings

Things to Remember

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Because the aim of a detox diet is to have the slimmest body possible, it is imperative that you drink two liters of water every day. This helps flush harmful toxins away either by perspiring or urinating. It also speeds up digestion and metabolism. Another advantage of drinking water is to avoid snacking frequently.

To aid your body to have the essential vitamins and minerals, it is important that you take fresh organic foods as much as possible. This allows the liver to process harmful toxic substances that can be later be removed from the body.

Diet alone is not enough. To improve the chance of getting the body you are dreaming of, start your day by getting physical. Whether you jog, run, or play your favorite sports outside, these activities can shed pounds off your weight. Perspiration especially in the morning also helps you to remove salts off your skin and replenish them with water.

Getting a perfect beach body is the dream of many, but only a few have the courage to have it. Apart from natural therapies, aid yourself with discipline and perseverance and in no time, flaunt your bikini healthy body.

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