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Holistic Dentistry

It is a blog that is more about the traditional and natural approach to oral health, and how it can benefit your entire well-being. Holistic Dentistry is a style of caring takes a highly preventive approach and always prioritizes looking beyond the symptoms to find the root cause of your dental problems.

The Dangers of Amalgam Fillings and How They Can Kill You Slowly

One of the most vexing problems in dentistry nowadays revolves around the use of silver fillings (A.K.A. amalgams) in people’s mouths. The question is, do we really need to take out the old mercury-laden silver fillings for fear of health complications and find a replacement? Or are there better restorative dentistry options that don’t pose any potential problems to overall health?

In a survey conducted in the US, there were 72% who, surprisingly, didn’t know that silver fillings contained mercury. When they did find out, 92% of the respondents would’ve loved to be educated about the potential mercury problems when the fillings were first placed. Click here for more

Teeth with Braces — Tips for Taking Good Care of Them

Braces are known to attract food and plaque, which can stain teeth if not properly taken care of. Most holistic dentists would recommend their patients brush after every meal using a toothpaste with fluoride and carefully eliminating any traces of food that may have gotten stuck in the braces.

Furthermore, they may recommend that you try out a fluoride mouthwash, which can get into places in the mouth where a toothbrush can’t reach. Click here for more

Laser Dentistry — Knowing the Fundamentals of the Dental Treatment

Laser dentistry is a form of therapy that became available in the mid-1900s, and it involves the use of lasers to help treat a myriad of different dental conditions. It presents a more comfortable treatment option for several dental procedures, especially when compared to drills.

However, despite gaining approval from the FDA, no laser system has yet gained the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Seal of Approval as an alternative treatment to the traditional methods. Click here for more

Holistic Dentistry — Learning the Fundamentals

Holistic dentistry, also referred to as biological dentistry, takes into account a person’s entire state of physical and emotional health. Holistic dentists use natural therapies (sometimes in combination with conventional ones) to help prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in the mouth.

How Did it Start Out?

A lot of treatments for oral conditions and diseases include elements that most people know are toxic. Click here for more

4 Must-Know Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone knows the importance of having proper dental hygiene and booking regular trips to the dentist; however, not everyone follows through with the necessary steps required to help prevent serious oral issues. A lot of people are scared of cosmetic surgery, but that’s only because they’re 100% unaware of all the benefits of these procedures. Click here for more

Amalgam Fillings — The Basics and How to Remove Them

Dental health is a crucial part of your overall health, and it can have a great impact on the progress of recovery. Due to a lot of people having amalgam fillings, we want to discuss with you how they can have a great impact on your overall health in a negative way and how and when to remove them in the safest way possible.Click here for more

Traditional vs. Holistic Dentistry — Which is Better?

In recent years, “holistic care” has turned into a health care trend all over the world. However, for some, this term isn’t just a trendy saying; it’s a way of commitment of helping people attain lifelong health and wellness. This is especially true when it comes to dental care.

Traditional vs. Holistic Dentistry

To better understand the benefits of a holistic approach, you first need to know the difference between traditional and holistic dental care. Click here for more