Natural Therapies: Going on a Detox? Avoid These!

Our life is becoming more dependent on commercial products. Most of us prefer to eat, drink and live with artificial suppressants that we forget to be healthy in the process. We all know that this is not good for our body but we do such as if we cannot do anything to avoid it.

In truth, the rapid commercialization of food upsets our body’s nutrition. Undergoing detoxification is one of the ways to release us from the unhealthy effects of modern living. How must it be done? Well, a number of products that you need to avoid to perform better are readily available. Taking natural therapies can significantly affect your body positively.

Natural Therapies

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We might hear about various kinds of fruits and vegetables that we should eat. However, some people might have already been eating these, but continue with their bad habits. To avoid compromising your detox program, here are some of the foods that you should avoid.

Livestock and Poultry Meat

Beef, pork and chicken sometimes can be hard to digest. Excessive eating of meat makes filtering hard. The protein properties of these can be difficult for the body to break down –  the liver filters harmful toxins from the foods we eat.   A good substitute for animal meat is seafood like salmon and tuna.

Dairy Products

Taking dairy-based produce like milk, butter and margarine is a part of our breakfast staple. It provides us calcium that our bones need. Although good for our skeletal system, it can be detrimental at some point.

Almost half of the world’s population cannot digest dairy products. Most Asians, Africans and Southern Europeans experience difficulty in taking up milk because of lactose intolerance.

For people who undergo detox, milk-based products can damage the intestinal barrier in the digestive system, which complicates detoxification. However, take note that taking dairy products should be limited and not be banned or removed from the diet.


Western diet is basically composed of wheat from bread and pasta. What most people do not know is it produces gluten – an elastic protein responsible for binding dough – which causes celiac disease which harms the small intestine and contributes to the prevention of nutrient absorption. Apart from wheat, rye and barley should also be avoided.

Sugary and Savory Foods

Admittedly, processed foods are dominated by either of the two flavors – sweet and salty. They are a flavor so powerful most people cannot resist eating a pack of crisps in one sitting. We all know that excessive sugar and salt, especially monosodium glutamate, badly affects our health.

Avoiding these foods can help you. However, if going cold-turkey is not an option, learn how to substitute unhealthy snacks with fruits and vegetables – which contains natural flavors — that includes bananas, apple, and nuts.

Commercially-Produced Foods

Most products in the supermarket are pre-packed and are produced synthetically. It ranges from chocolate bar, chips and even products that manufacturers claim to be  ‘healthy’ and ‘natural’.

Hydrogenated oils, preservatives and other harmful substances are guaranteed to destroy your body. The best thing to do is avoid, or minimize, purchasing commercially-packaged foods completely.

Coffee and Beer

Drinking a warm cup of coffee is a ritual for most. Alcohol, especially beer, is an undeniable social drink responsible for a host of various health problems. This holds true for people who detoxifies.

The liver’s job of removing toxins from the body will be difficult if caffeine and alcohol are taken continuously. Decrease intake and have a definite body detox plan for a healthier, new you.

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