Detox Bath? Is it Possible?

Every day, your body is attacked by unwanted invaders – from pesticides found in your food, pollution in the air to the additives in lotions and cosmetics. As these chemicals and heavy metals accumulate in your body, you become ‘toxic’. Why, because the cells inside you could not handle these elements.

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As these chemicals pass through your circulatory and digestive systems, they will fall through your stomach linings and arterial walls. When they enter your body tissues, they can no longer be eliminated by digestive means. Now, this is where natural therapies — called the detox bath, comes in.

The main purpose of a detox bath is to help eliminate these dangerous chemicals out of your system. This method is based on the principles of hydrotherapy, wherein water is used to promote healing and good health.

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While soaking in hot water concentrates on a specific area, a detox bath will focus on your groin area. The groin is the core area of your body since this is where the major arteries are found. Focusing on this certain part of your body will help boost other body functions like digestion, circulation and elimination – which are all essential in the role of detoxifying.

When you submerge your groin area in a detox bath, it will increase the circulation in that area. Furthermore, it will draw out the toxins found in the deep tissues of your body and bring them to the skin’s surface where they will be eliminated.

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Adding sea salt or Epsom salt to the bath will help in detoxification. These elements will help you sweat and release the poison out of your system. Not only that, Epsom salt has its own benefits such as:

  • Relax your nervous system;

  • Alleviate symptoms that cause cold and sinus congestion;

  • Ease stress and improve sleep and concentration;

  • Prevent blood clots and artery hardening;

  • Lessen inflammation to alleviate muscle pain and cramps;

  • Enhance oxygen use;

  • Improve nutrient absorption; and

  • Help form brain tissue, mucin and joint proteins.

Studies show that adding Epsom salt (known as hydrated magnesium sulfate) will allow absorption through the skin. It will leave a soak that will carry out the benefits of both magnesium and sulfate. The magnesium is responsible for diminishing the symptoms, while the sulfate helps strengthen the walls of the digestive tract and assist in forming the brain tissue and strengthening.

When both of these factors apply, they can increase the digestive enzymes in the pancreas and detoxify the body from all the poisonous chemicals. However, you can add another tool while cleansing your body. You can use a gentle and natural fiber brush to remove the toxins and dead skin cell of your skin. In addition, herbs like lavender and chamomile will add a relaxing touch to your bath.

There are definitely a number of ways to detoxify your body. You can cleanse by using footpads, drinks and a variety of diets. However, detox baths are the only way to help get rid your body’s toxins through the specific detoxifying ingredients that you’ll use.

Without a doubt, it is possible that a detox bath can cleanse your body. In fact, this form of natural therapies will not only increase your health and well-being, but this will also prevent any disease and strengthen your immune system.

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