How To Eat Healthier Amidst The Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Eating healthy is not an easy task, neither is it an overnight process. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, it’s now even more difficult to consume healthier food in quarantine. But it’s not impossible either. Maintaining a sustainable diet while in the middle of an outbreak is possible, although you need to have a strong will to keep all temptations at bay.

While staying at home and social distancing, you’ll be tempted to let go of your diet. This is understandable, but if you want to make the most out of this worldwide quarantine, you have to keep in mind that even though you have the freedom to eat to your heart’s content, it’s actually more advisable to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs in order to ward off the virus.

If you want to know the ways of eating healthy in this uncertain time, then this article is for you. Just Simply Health collated the best tips and tricks on consuming healthy foods without sacrificing taste!

Stock up on fibrous, carbohydrates-rich food.

Lots of people, when it comes to discussions of eating healthy forget to stuff themselves with food such as pasta, bread, cereals, rice, potatoes and others. These are what we call fibrous, carbohydrate-rich food. The recommended amount of carbohydrate intake for a normal adult is at least 50-60% a day. While it is recommendable that you get your carbohydrate intake from whole-grain sources, most if not all people, won’t read the labels on the food products they buy.  (The owner of this website is also an actual low carb food eater, so wouldn;t stuff up on those foods anyway and would find fibrous possibly in vegetables, but may be a bit harder in the current situation)

The trick here is to always make sure that your carbohydrate sources come from clean sources. You have to find local brands of wheat bread and rice that are milled well but don’t necessarily undergo commercial processes.

Eggs are your friend.

The majority of people in the world don’t eat enough protein to support their daily minimum intake. Protein is very important in strengthening the immune system. Not only does it keep your white blood cells active and robust, it also helps in building muscle mass. Get your protein from clean sources as well so that the body can process it easily.

With meat prices rising, it’s high time that you stock up on eggs. Not only are you going to save lots of money with it, but eggs are also versatile. To make sure you get your daily fill, make them a breakfast staple. One of the things that make eggs attractive to stock up is they’re low-maintenance food. You can just leave them on the kitchen island and they’ll last for up to a month, longer if you’re living in a colder climate. Otherwise refrigerate.

Go for sweet fruits for dessert.

A person needs more than 40 different kinds of nutrients in order to be in tip-top shape. In fact, no single meal or food can supply them all. So while in isolation, be sure to make it a point to vary the meals you eat every day. But for desserts, always opt for fruits. Sweets fruits like mango, banana and pineapples are great dessert staples. And if you live in the tropics, you can get them dirt-cheap.  Be aware, eating fruit straight after a meal can cause fermentation and acid reflux for some. Best time to actually eat fruit is 30 minutes BEFORE a meal, or wait for an hour or so after a meal. If heavy meat even longer.

Watermelons are great too because they are basically 90% water. Going for fruits as desserts will curb off your cravings for cakes, doughnuts and other processed sweets which will ruin your health. Always bear in mind that the CoVid-19 virus does not have a cure yet, so you’ll need to have a strong immune system to fight it.

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