Gingko And Ginseng: A Pair Made In Heaven

Eastern medicine has long been a pillar in holistic healing. Since the dawn of time, people have been using herbs and other botanical plants to relieve pain, increase vitality, prevent and cure diseases. In recent years, the use of holistic healing has seen a rise in increasing public distrust in the pharmaceutical industry. In the past 50 years, the rise in diseases cause by lifestyle and stress levels have gone up into astronomical proportions, that’s why the green movement is more relevant than ever. Healthy eating, exercise, and mindfulness are all the rage, and it’s time that you join in the revolution.

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Start with two glorious additions to your “health is wealth” journey: gingko and ginseng. Gingko Ginkgo biloba, or maidenhair, has been traditionally grown in China, and the Chinese have been growing the tree for thousands of years. They used it for a variety of uses: from curing diseases to improving potency. On the other hand, while ginseng is also of Chinese descent, it’s been used longer than Ginkgo Biloba is. For the uninitiated, fresh ginseng is a fleshy root that grows slowly and before it reaches 4 years old, it’s harvested. White ginseng, however, is not harvested up until it’s 4-6 years old, while red ginseng is harvested 6 years and up. 

Both Have Powerful Antioxidants

Ginkgo biloba has high levels of flavonoids and terpenoids, both works synergically to fight free radicals in the body. While the body uses up free radicals for metabolism and detoxification, they can also wreak havoc to normal body functions especially to aging and development and diseases. Ginseng is not so shabby in the antioxidant department either as test tube tests involving ginsenoside compounds revealed that they have the potential to stop inflammation at its roots.  Red ginseng, when studied was found out to increase antioxidant activity in skin cells.

Both Can Boost Immune System

While there are some small studies that support the notion that ginkgo may help in improving brain health, there’s more evidence in it boosting the immune system. Ginkgo has natural antioxidants that support immune system functions, such as eradicating free radicals, improving gut health, and improving memory. Ginseng, as well, is thought to strengthen the body’s defenses. Some cancer patients who supplemented with ginseng improved immune functions. They used ginseng for approximately 2 years to see results. 

Ginseng Can Help in Brain Functions While Ginkgo Improve Heart Health

Panax ginseng if administered in 200 mg, has shown that it can alleviate mood, improve mental health functions and increases sociability. Another study has proven that when that dosage is increased by 100%, it increases a person’s likelihood to fight mental stress and fatigue. Ginkgo was traditionally used to open up specific “channels” of energy in the body, including the heart. In one study, people who supplemented with ginkgo immediately showed an increase in blood flow towards all parts of the body. This led to a 20% boost in nitric oxide circulation, which in turn, effectively dilates blood vessels. 

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