Dimethyl Sulfoxide

Dimethyl Sulfoxide – Arthritis, Mental Illness, Emphysema

The use of DMSO in medicine dates back decades ago. It’s predominantly used as a topical analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. In addition, DMSO can help treat a variety of disorders including arthritis, mental illness, emphysema and even cancer. While this is now considered a superb cancer treatment, orthodox medicine is not interested in discussing all of its benefits.


Dimethyl Sulfoxide – Brain Tumor

According to our Earth Clinic readers and contributor Ted from Bangkok, Thailand, DMSO is another important treatment option to consider. This remedy can help lower the size of tumos as it binds to eliminate cancer cells. To implement this treatment, mix fully concentrated DMSO with aloe vera in a ration of 70% to 30%. Take a couple of 1 tablespoon of the mixture by mouth twice daily and eat a strictly whole diet for at least 3 days.


Dimethyl Sulfoxide – Cancer

DMSO helps cesium chloride get inside of cancer cells, though cesium chloride is perfectly able of doing it by itself. What DMSO is really used for is to get cesium chloride through the skin and into the blood stream. Neither cesium chloride nor DMSO should be taken orally, thus it’s a perfect solution to fuse the two together and let the DMSO carry the cesium chloride through the skin.

DMSO is especially effective with brain cancer patients due to it being quick to get past the blood-brain barrier, though it can be used productively with just about any type of cancer.

In a study, one brain cancer patient had a tumor in his brain pressing against one of his optic nerves. When he mixed DMSO with the cesium chloride he could literally feel it and the DMSO getting into his tumor in just 15 minutes, because of the pressure on his optic nerve.

Usually, DMSO is used as a topical application to the skin. DMSO will help penetrate the skin and help get the cesium chloride, and many other alternative cancer treatments, into the cancer cells.

If you use DMSO, you may get a rash. Just spray some water on the rash and it will go away. The rash is caused by the DMSO dehydrating the skin.

DMSO shouldn’t be taken orally unless it’s mixed with at least 8 ounces of water or some kind of juice. Even 70% DMSO (actually 99.9% pure DMSO mixed with 30% water) could cause dehydration in the digestive tract unless it’s mixed with enough water or juice! DMSO should never be taken orally for more than a short time. Even when taken with enouh liquids, it will cause stomach problems.

DMSO can also be used along with chlorine dioxide, colloidal silver, vitamin D3 and other microbe killing substances. As a matter of fact, DMSO/CD is currently the best cancer treatment on Earth that can be used right at home. The dose of chlorine dioxide should reach at most 5 drops or more every hour, 12 times a day.

This protocol will modify the Pauling/Cameron protocol four different ways:

  • It’ll include DMSO in the evening dose to help vitamin C target cancer cells and get inside of them
  • It includes an incredibly low glucose diet so that the cancer cells will feast on vitamin C instead of glucose
  • It’ll include 15% or less potassium ascorbate, which has a special affinity for cancer cells
  • It will include as little sodium ascorbate (or other sodium forms of vitamin C) as possible because these types of vitamin C don’t get inside of cancer cells very well.

A lot of people have difficulties working with DMSO. In some cases, when taken transdermally (via skin) there’s a skin rash, and it’s simply too severe to go on with the treatment. When you get a bottle of DMSO, put one drop on your skin, spread it around a little bit and see if you have an allergic reaction. If not, an hour later place 10 drops on your skin and spread them thinly. If you do have a reaction, you may still be able to take DMSO orally (along with 4 ounces of water. However, if you can’t take the DMSO orally and have a skin reaction to it, you’ll have to back out from this treatment.

This treatment uses DMSO (in the evening) and vitamin C (twice daily). The theory behind it is that the DMSO wil be used first (in the evening), either orally (mixed with water) or transdermally (through the skin). In about 10 minutes, the DMSO will have targeted the cancer cells and will start “opening up” their ports.

For the evening dose, about ten minutes after taking the DMSO, vitamin C will be taken along with water. When the vitamin C gets to the cancer cells, the cells’ natural affinity for consuming vitamin C (because the cancer cells “think” that the vitamin C is glucose) should be enhanced by the fact that the cancer cells have been opened up by the DMSO.

The theory behind this is, it allows for a larger concentration of vitamin C to get inside the cancer cells than would normally happen. As mentioned, once vitamin C can get inside of the cancer cell, the cell may change back into normal or it may be killed. If enough cancer cells are killed, swelling may happen.

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