Detox Bath For a Healthier New You

Most people think that detoxification is always done the traditional way. Some do it by infusing their diet with natural foods; others do it by drinking their natural healthy concoctions. On the other hand, there are also other people who do it simultaneously.

How about taking a bath in your tub while detoxing? This sounds unusual but this has been a common practice ever since detoxification is introduced. If you wish to take advantage of bathing while feeling the health benefits of natural therapies, let us introduce you to a refreshing kind of detoxification process available today.

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Detox bath differs from any form of detoxification process because it involves the body’s largest organ – skin. This is the body part that receives the largest concentration of dirt from almost everything. Statistics from various government agencies shows that there are around 2,000 harmful chemicals that are present in the water supply.

This is done by following the steps:


Determine the best day and time to schedule a detox bath. It should last at least 40 minutes. The time prescribed is divided into two halves. The first is to allow the body to release its toxins while the other half is to let the skin absorb nutrients present in the water.


Start filling up your bathtub with hot water. Take note to adjust the water temperature depending on your preference, and if available, make use of chlorine filter on the tub’s faucet.


Add the following substances:

Add the magnesium sulfate, or more popularly known as Epsom Salt. The recommended amount is 2 cups or more for individuals weighing 100 pounds (approximately 45 kilograms) or more. Pour 1 to 2 cups baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) and a splash of fresh ginger tea on the solution (optional). Lastly, spew your choice of aromatherapy oils or even fresh herbs like chamomile or lavender.


Stir the water thoroughly to allow the substances to mix adequately with the hot water.


Start soaking. Be careful when stepping on the bathtub because the mixture of water and substances can make the ceramic tub slippery. If the room has a window, you can open it because the session will sweat your body more than normal. If the water temperature is too hot, add cold water until the desired warmness is achieved.


After the sweating 40 minute session, get off the tub. Drink plenty of water until your body rehydrates again.


To finish the whole process, scrub your body with a towel or a loofah to further remove the toxins.

There are several benefits of having a detox bath, and it is not restricted to removing harmful particles out of your body. Using Epsom Salt has several beneficial attributes to our body. One of the few examples is it is able to ease stress and relax the body. Magnesium found in the salt contributes to the production of mood-elevating serotonin.

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Another advantage of detox bath is it helps proper functioning of our muscles and nerves. This is made possible because electrolytes inside our body are evenly regulated. More importantly, the sulfates used in detoxifying baths flush away toxins due to reverse osmosis, an action by natural therapies that drives harmful toxins out of the skin.

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