Headaches & Nausea


  1. Juice Fast
    • Stick with juice fasting as much as you can; however, if you feel the need to eat, eat juicy fruits with high water content such as:
      • Melon
      • Tomatoes
      • Grapes
      • Plums
      • Peaches
  2. Hydration
    • Make sure you’re hydrated by drinking water each time you feel thirsty. Adding a little salt to your glass of water will help, too.
  3. Colonic
    • Cleansing the colon through juicing will also help cure headaches and nausea
  4. Enema
    • Several enemas can help treat headaches and nausea. Enemas is a method used to help stimulate stool evacuation. Place a teaspoon of salt on every liter of warm temperature of water. The 1st up to the 3rd enemas will help clean the lower colon.
  5. Rest and relaxation
    • Try getting as much rest as you can, and let go of unnecessary emotions will also help. The following can also help:
      • Rest
      • Walking around barefoot in the beach
      • Breathing deeply
  6. Himalayan Sea Salt
  7. Bananas and melons are know for their high water content, and they can greatly help ease headaches and nausea.
  8. Other Remedies
    • Other things that can help ease headaches and nausea are:
      • Fresh aloe vera
      • Herbal tea
      • Probiotic juice
      • Epsom salts
      • Apple cider vinegar

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