How to Let Go of Drinking SODA

Drinking soda is one of the most satisfying treats to mankind. Its taste can linger to everyone’s taste buds so bad that quitting it is often a challenge. Others even drink more soda than water. However, do you know that soda can contribute in gaining weight?

According to people who favour natural therapies, the best way to lose weight is to drink eight glasses of water everyday instead of soda. Soda adds sugar and cholesterol to our bodies. Even diet soda can be very damaging!

Here are the reasons why you should quit soda:

  1. Regular and diet sodas makes you fat.
  2. Carbonated drinks slow down digestion.
  3. It causes dehydration.
  4. Soda stains teeth and leads to tooth decay.
  5. It causes insomnia and other sleeping disorders.
  6. It causes osteoporosis, kidney problems, diabetes and heart attacks.

Everyone knows about the bad effects soda can give us. You may even add up a few more reasons why you should quit drinking soda. However, the challenge of changing your habit in drinking may be too difficult to overcome.

  1. Know why you should quit.

Before doing anything, reflect on why you should stop drinking soft drinks. List them on a piece of paper and put it in your wallet. Every time you get tempted to drink, look over the reasons and convince yourself that you are doing this for your own good. Be creative and think of ways that will convince you that drinking it is wrong.

  1. Quit gradually.

You cannot just schedule a day for quitting soda. Your love for drinking is not like magic that will disappear. Slowly and gradually, reduce soda from your diet. For example, if you drink ten soda bottles per week, you can drink 5 bottles by the next week. Drink three on the following week, then one bottle on the next until you stop drinking.

  1. Choose other drinks that can be a healthy alternative.

If water tastes disgusting to you, feel free to drink milk or juice. Freshly pressed juice is a better alternative than commercially sold juices. Commercially sold juices are heated to rid of bacteria thus destroying vitamins and minerals present in fruits and vegetables.

  1. Start saving.

Consider saving the money you once spend buying soft drinks. Put them all in a box or deposit them on a bank. You certainly could use that when you need it. Or, why not think of a holiday destination? You surely will find that money of help for a vacation.

  1. Make a journal about your progress and emotions.

Write what you feel. This can give you time to reflect and let your emotions fly. Write everything you want to write. Write what made you decide to quit, how you feel about it or about your progress.

  1. Stick to the plan.

Every time you get tempted to drink, remember these tips. Stick to it and convince yourself you have made it this far. Think about the benefits of quitting and what made you decide to let go of soda. Turn away and avoid seeing other people drink soda. Pretend nothing happened.

Drinking soda is truly tasty, but it is also dangerous. Take heed to detoxify and have a healthier lifestyle. You may also try natural therapies for an affordable, natural way of taking care of yourself.

Author: Serena

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