For Alopecia:

Gelatin is known to help prevent alopecia. Alopecia, also known as the thinning of the hair, is caused by a diet that lacks nutrients, especially silicon. The health benefits of silicon includes the encouragement of growth of thick and healthy hair, as well as an improvement in the luster and shine of the same.


ForĀ Atherosclerosis:

The formation of hard plaque in the arteries can cause atherosclerosis. This can lead to the further obstruction of blood flow as the scar tissue and oxidized cholesterol inhibits the blood circulation. The recent research conducted on bunnies have shown that silicon supplements reduces the formation of plaque, and subsequently lowers the risk of different cardiovascular diseases – including heart attacks and strokes.


For Bone Problem Prevention:

Fact: Bones are made up of collagen. You often hear that calcium is needed for healthy bones; however, both calcium and collagen are actually needed to make your bones healthy and strong. The gelatin found in bone broth or grass-fed powdered gelatin is the best way for you to ingest collagen for optimal bone health. As a final tidbit, gelatin can help make sure your nails are strong as well.


For Gum Problems:

Gelatin is considered to be one of the best foods there is for gut health. It helps fill in those holes and damaged areas of the stomach lining and lowers inflammation. Furthermore, gelatin can also help increase the amount of gastric acid in the gut, which is needed to breakdown and digest protein.

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