Bayberry — Necrosis (Gangrene)bayberry

Gangrene is referred to as tissue necrosis, or death of tissues, in a certain part of the body. Professionals states that it develops when the flow of blood to a certain body part is impaired, often due to infection, traumatic injuries or medical problems like blood vessel disease, HIV or diabetes.

There are several herbal remedies that may beneficially treat gangrene. However, before starting taking these herbal remedies, talking to a professional should be done first. Going back, there are herbal remedies that help improve circulation, while there are some that help reduce swelling.

In treating necrosis, olive leaf is often used to ward of the infections inside your body. However, there are other beneficial herbs that can help treat the disease as well such as bayberry, cayenne, gingko, goldenseal and red seal.

Author: Serena

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