Asparagus — Kidney Stones

asparagus wiki 3If you want to eliminate kidney stones from your system the natural way, here are some steps for you to do that:

  • First: Mix a cup of lemon juice in a liter of water is a great start, you can add in maple syrup or honey as a sweetener (optional). All you need to do is drink fresh apple juice (about 500ml, and, right before noon, consume fresh and raw asparagus (at least 250g).
  • Second: For the rest of the day, mix a cup of lemon juice in 2 liters of water, you can add in maple syrup or honey as a sweetener (optional).
  • Third: Every 12pm to 6pm, consume at least two tablespoons of olive oil. Afterwards, consume the lemon water that’s been prepared for the rest of the day. This will help flush out the stones and toxins out from your kidney.
  • Lastly: Lie on the right side then drink a shot glass full of olive oil. Repeat the step after lying down for 20 minutes; however, you need to lie down on the left side now and rest for the same period of time.


Asparagus — Depression

As a vegetable, asparagus is not just delicious but also nutritious and beneficial for your health. Asparagus is known to have a diuretic effect on the body and is used as an herbal medicine for a lot of mental disorders. The root of such is known to be the most beneficial in the treatment of depression. It also helps activate the brain and nerves. One or two grams of dry powder along with water can be taken every day.



Author: Serena

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