Detox Through Change and Growth

Most people talk about change and growth. Most people talk about how these two concepts can make a remarkable transformation for all of us. Yet, most people are experiencing problems because of this.

Basically, anyone can change and grow. However, these concepts are easier said than done. Most people are afraid of change because of various reasons. Others may fear growing in exchange for more responsibilities. If we fully understand these two concepts, we can fully develop progressively. Let the natural therapies of the mind help you in your transformation.

Let the natural therapies of the mind help

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According to an online dictionary, change is to undergo transformation, transition, or substitution while, on the other hand, growth is defined as a progress of growing and progressive development.

As we grow up, things are getting complicated to understand and grasp. During our adolescent years, we start to embrace change — on our friends, neighbors, and school. On a competitive environment, there is constant change happening. Growth could happen in a slower pace. We might improve in our academics or extra-curricular activities; some improves on both, while some stops growing at all.

These process is a continuous development that progresses until adulthood. Most people work on a typical 8-to-5 job; some will able to change their ways to grow. This can make them advance from their jobs into a full-blown career. Sadly, most people just want their current status unchanged. Because of complacency, they never grow progressively – instead, they grow regressively. Worst, they underperform, lost their jobs, and have an unsatisfactory life.

Based on a private organization, there is a theory about change which has six steps. This might provide an explanation on how an individual can develop himself.

  • Identify long-term goals
  • Create connection on possible outcomes in your life.
  • Connect the different outcomes.
  • Identify potential assumptions.
  • Formulate events that can indicate the situation.
  • Recognize various challenges and setbacks.

Growth is even harder. Mostly, it is restricted on the willingness and perseverance of a person. Any self-help program is absurd if the person involved is reluctant or afraid to make a few steps. There are no shortcuts, but there are ways to achieve improvements.

First, understand the things that are important to you. These are a collection of qualities, thoughts and ideas that you value since you became conscious about yourself. Create a list of wants and needs which helps you to recognize which are essential.

Second, discover your own weaknesses. Be honest about yourself because this can help you during your tough times.

Third, you need to know your balance. A person with dominance in either strength or weakness can be the worst of anything. If we learn how to harmonize our good and bad qualities, we can navigate ourselves away from disappointments and frustrations.

The last step is to become aware of our personality. Learning to appreciate and accept who we are will set us free from misleading ourselves from qualities we don’t really have.

Most of the time, change is always faced with resistance. Growing from an unwanted experience or mistake is always hard. For us to achieve the benefits of changing and growing, we need to open ourselves. This acts like natural therapies of our mind which can help us to grow and change. Sometimes we need to shift our perspectives, in order to be who we want to be.

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